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Cardi B has a fitting reply to the memes which said that US doesn’t need women like her and needs more like Melania Trump! Check it out.

The first lady’s speech at the Republican National Convention invited all sorts of responses

Following Melania Trump’s speech during the recent Republican National Convention, many supported her and said that they need more women like her and less like rapper Cardi B. To this, Cardi B clapped back with her song “WAP” to prove her point.

How did it start?

After Melania’s speech, staunch Republican DeAnna Lorraine tweeted, “America needs far more women like Melania Trump and far less like Cardi B,” to which the 27-year-old rapper replied with “Didn’t she used to sell that Wap?” a line from her new single with Megan Thee Stallion. This comment could be hinting at all the chatter that was going online at the time when Trump and his family first came to American politics. Melania was said to be a former model, and posed for many full-frontal nudes, and also worked as an escort.

However, no evidence has so far come up and Melania even sued the Dialy Mail for libel over hovering over that subject. The Daily Mail had to issue an apology and also paid her $2.9 million to settle her claim.

Cardi, a former stripper herself also tweeted a semi-nude image of the first lady during her modelling days.

As for Melania’s speech, it was about the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial injustice that’s been going on in the world. She also spoke about her Be Best initiative, which was for drug addiction, and spoke about why she’s proud to “cast my vote for Donald this November.”

Meanwhile Cardi is also dealing with controversy for her new song as it’s been reported for being overly explicit. She explained again that the music is intended for adults, and that she’s not making any of this for young children.

(Cover: Fox News)

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