Britney Spears Father Proposed to Step Down as her Guardian; Asks the Court to End Conservatorship

Britney Spears To Live A Free Life After Ending The Conservatorship

In a recent development Jamie Spears has agreed to end the conservatorship agreement after many hearing. And has agreed to step down as a guardian for Britney Spears in Los Angeles.

With a statement saying of how times have changed in regard to this matter. And Jamie Spears also requested judge Brenda Penny to give that chance to her.

Vivian Thoreen wrote in a filing that Britney would get the right to decide her life from now on. And the power to decide on her mental health, therapy and money lies with her from now on.

As the singer has decided to live a life that is free and not that with a supervision. And also she chooses to get married and have kids.

Britney Spears considered herself to be a good mom as children ran towards her in a party
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The Courts Decision On The Case

Since July Mathew Rosengart, Britney Spears’ attorney has pressured on the mistreatment on her by her father. And accused him of abusing her.

However, Rosengart has halted there and not yet focused on ending conservatorship. After that Jamie Spears has asked for a settlement and Rosengart has rejected. And stated that there is nothing to negotiate.

Eventually, in a recent court hearing Jamie Spears has asked Judge Penny to end the conservatorship. And also requested to halt further psychiatric evaluation which was a major hurdle in dissolving the case.

Britney Spears Further Step In The Case

Her attorney Rosengart wrote that this filing has given a victory to Britney Spears and from now on she can live a free life. Accusing Jamie Spears to holding his daughter as a hostage in order to extract Britney Spears earned money and possession.

The focused possession in the case was her $60 million estate which was overseen by her father. However, the changing circumstances in the case has given the star her right to stay free from being taken care of.

In June, Britney Spears spoke for over 24 minutes in the court. She stated how her mental health has affected from 13 years. She focused on her life which she never owned.

Britney Spears posted a picture of herself in he social media handle
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And by now the case has half resolved. Although she faced a mental breakdown in 2008, since then she has been under conservatorship.

The Singer has suffocated from being watched and now she assured that she can take care of herself.

And concluded saying all this must come to life without being tested.