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Ashley Graham Again Set a New Definition of “beautiful” by Rolling a Rebel Picture on Instagram

After giving birth to a beautiful boy, Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin are family of three. Her 3rd baby was born in January 18, 2020. People admire Graham a lot for her natural beauty and originality. She is idolized for “bringing size acceptance into the mainstream”. Ashley is not only a famous plus-size supermodel, but she is also an amazing fashion designer.

Ashley is also a mother of three sweet children, isn’t it amazing what a wonder woman she is?

Recently, Ashley Graham was again in hot news for posting a naked mirror selfie.

As we know that, Graham is already known for her positivity towards her body and now she has again proved it. Yesterday she posted a naked mirror selfie captioning it “nakie big girl”. The selfie won millions of hearts just in a day.

Her comment section flushed with thousands of overwhelming comments.

“I hate that this is seen as ‘big girl’ I see nothing but a beautiful, naturally curvy woman in all her glory….. super sexy and womanly ❤”  said one of her fan.

Another fan commented, “I wish I can have your body” which is quite overwhelming for sure.

Ashley also shared experiences of her 3rd pregnancy

Ashley said, it took her a bit of time to accept the changes her body was going through. But when her 3rd baby was born she decided to accept and embrace her body. She said before it was getting really difficult to accept that her body is gaining weight. Graham also said that when Isaac was born she was sure for one thing, “celebrate your body”. Recently, she posted a photo with Isaac beautifully captioning it “Can’t believe Isaac is 9 months today! 9 months in, 9 months out 👶”.

courtesy: Instagram

Well, one thing to learn from Ashley is to accept our body the way it is.

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