Amber Portwood Slams her ex Gary Shirley and his partner, Kristina!!!

After Teen Mom OG broadcasted another scene, Amber Portwood took to Instagram Live and shared her disappointments about ex Gary Shirley and his significant other Kristina.

Amber Portwood Slams ex Gary Shirley and his partner, Kristina!!!

Golden Portwood isn’t intrigued with her ex Gary Shirley.

On the March 30 scene of Teen Mom OG, watchers watched girl Leah plan her birthday celebration. In any case, in an astonishing scene, the 12-year-old uncovered that she needed to celebrate without Amber. All things considered, she favored a more cozy social event with her father Gary and his better half Kristina Shirley.

“We don’t actually have a bond that way,” Leah clarified. “Twelve years and she hasn’t actually done anything. That is somewhat been similar to Kristina’s spot…All she did was bring forth me.”

In the wake of watching the scene, Amber went on Instagram Live where she immediately condemned Gary and Kristina even after fans commended the couple.

“I attempt to contribute time with Leah constantly, constantly. It’s all I at any point do,” Amber shared. “[Kristina] doesn’t deal with my little girl. No, Gary doesn’t dress her, takes care of her. Gary wouldn’t have some work if not for me in the absolute starting point.”

She added, “[Leah] regards her since she brings her out to Starbucks, completes her nails, and spends more than $1,000 of garments on her. For hell’s sake, I’d regard her as well. It couldn’t be any more obvious, I wasn’t raised that way. I was raised to not ruin my kid.”

Amber Portwood Slams ex Gary Shirley and his partner, Kristina!!!

Numerous fans, be that as it may, rushed to push back subsequent to watching both Gary and Kristina urge Leah to have a relationship with her mother.

“I reveal to you it’s vital that you invest energy with your mother,” Gary partook in the current week’s scene. “I don’t need you discounting your mother and saying I can’t have a relationship with her in light of the fact that sooner or later, you ought to have a relationship with her.”