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All about Justin Bieber’s wife-Hailey Bieber!!! How the two got married secretly??? When will he hear about their first child???

The couple however is not expected to announce the good news of their first baby so soon. They are still enjoying their post-wedding bliss. The couple is not ready to get pregnant. The model is just 22 years old. She covers Vogue Arabia’s December 2018 issue. He has an unrecognizable channel with Blondie’s Debbie Harry.


Her family was talked about in the cover story. There she revealed that she and her husband are not interested to have kids anytime soon. She just wants to have a normal childhood and teenage years. He did not get recognition on his own. It took him 19 years to get recognition. But she missed out on some of the most normal things.

She never went to college. But she knew very well how to manage her schedule. She was very punctual. She was also very much responsible because she started working right before the age of 17. She got engaged right after two months in the Bahamas. Baldwin and Bieber secretly got married at an N.Y.C. courthouse. The news got leaked very recently to the public.

The model’s Instagram handle recently got changed to Hailey Bieber. She even has a new diamond necklace of her husband’s surname. She received it as her 22nd birthday present. It has been days since she changed her surname on social media. She also wore a custom Levi’s trucker jacket. Her new married name splashed across the back at the opening of the brand’s new Times Square Flagship store in N.Y.C.

It had been just a few weeks after their marriage, that they started feeling like a husband and wife. They did not even prefer a religious ceremony. Now they are in the mood to openly celebrate their marriage. That is the reason why Hailey changed her surname. Justin is her husband and she is loving it. Now they are planning for a religious ceremony.

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