30: Adele’s Comeback Album Might Just be her Most Successful Album!

Adele’s awaited return with “30”

Time for Adele’s comeback. The 15 times Grammy winner singer has confirmed the release date of her upcoming album 30.

On Wednesday, 13th October in a Instagram post Adele revealed that her forthcoming album 30 will release on 19th of November. “Easy on Me” has already released on 15th October. The 33-years-old singer was hinting fans from a week by cryptic projection of the number 30 on her Instagram. After almost six years it is Adele’s comeback with new record.

Confirmation post on Instagram

In Instagram post, the British Songstress said that three years ago she started working on this project and was nowhere near where she expected to be. She said that she relies on routine and consistency to feel safe, she has always done that. But in the case of the album 30 she knowingly and even willingly has thrown herself into the maze of mess and inner turmoil.

30: Adele's Comeback Album Might Just be her Most Successful Album! 1
Adele | Instagram

Adele added that finally she feels like founding her feeling again, she has never felt this peace in her life so she is ready to put the album out.

About the album

On being asked about the theme of upcoming album, the singer replied in an Instagram livestream, “Divorce babe, Divorce”. The celebrated singer separated from her husband, Simon Konecki, back in officially January. During that live session, the singer also teased the first single of the album 30 “Easy On Me” which is available to listen now.

30: Adele's Comeback Album Might Just be her Most Successful Album! 2
Adele | Instagram

The name of the album “30” follows a particular pattern. The singer names each of her records after the age she wrote them. This pattern has started since her debut album 19. Adele’s last two albums 21 and 25 won Grammy Awards which made her a total Grammy haul 15.