Pandemic and Infected: Call of Duty 4 comes with two new modes in its update.

Call of Duty is going to release its new update on PlayStation 4 on August 6, 2019. Published by Activision in 2003, it is a first-person shooter video game. The first part of the game mainly focused on a scene from World War II. The fourth part of the game is launching two new modes … Read more

Mass effect 5: Latest Version Coming Soon? Checkout the latest updates!!

Mass Effect 5 Cancelled

Canadian company’s developed science fiction based role-playing third-person shooter video game “Mass Effect.” “Mass Effect” was released by Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 and Microsoft windows. Mass Effect: Andromeda was done public since two years back, which was the massive failure of the company in the game’s world. It is expected to have another new game … Read more

Fortnite’ Season 10, Trailer was promising. Checkout how Week 1 kicked of with ‘Road Trip’ Challenges!!

Fortnite Season 10 has been kicked off with new features, cosmetics, and new locations on the map. Crated in 2017 by the Epic Games, Fortnite has been loved and played by the gamers with interest. There would be a new mission every week, and these missions would unlock unique rewards for the players. Moreover, the … Read more

Rockstar Games all set to release Bully 2. Brazil Banning continues?

Bully is a Rockstar Games published, action-adventure video game. Bully 1 was released on 27th October 2006 for Playstation2. Mad Doc Software released its remastered version titled, Scholarship Edition. It was released for Xbox and Wii 360 on 4th March 2008 and for Microsoft Windows on 21st October 2008. The plot of the video game … Read more

Fortnite Season 10 updates will you make you cheering the game? But how and whats New.

The update Fortnite Developer revealed 10.0 patch notes, Epic Games on the of the starting of Fortnite season 10. According to these patch notes updates, Fortnite’s Season X is introducing the so-called BRUTE mech suit which can be controlled by two different players. It is noticeable that the Fortnite’s Season 1 update patch notes have … Read more

Domed Housing Community in Calabasas: Kanye’s new brainchild?

Kanye West is in the news again. And no, it is not about his Presidential campaign. Instead, the star is attracting attention for his architectural concept, of building dome-like prototype structures in the hills of Calabasas and building housing properties. And new images released online makes the concept which sounds unrealistic a reality.   View … Read more

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review! All you need to know before watching the movie, Spoiler Alert!!

There is nothing new about Wolfenstein: Youngblood being on the Nintendo Switch. It is very much the same game it is on other consoles and computers. The charismatic, dynamic duo of Jess and Soph Blazkowicz, twin daughters of series hero BJ Blazkowicz return. There are the bombastic combat scenarios where you need to tear through Nazi trash. And this … Read more

Finally, GTA 6 is Coming to Your Consoles, PC sooner than Expected? GTA 6 to be Released but Not Before 2020

GTA 6? When is it Releasing, Details Grand Theft Auto 5 – one of the most popular and best-selling games ever. This popularity has undoubtedly raised the bar of expectation for its successor Grand Theft Auto 6 even much more. GTA 6 Release Date Since there’s no GTA 6 trailer released, we don’t know for … Read more

A Unique Story of a physicist, who helped to get the girl’s murderer behind the Bars! Thankful Father!

Keya Dharamvir is no ordinary Indian physicist. Her reputation as a researcher of Punjab University and her work on nanosciences is not just the end of the list. More than her area of expertise, it is her approach and application of science, that makes her stand out more. Professor Dharamvir, despite her inexperience in criminal … Read more