You may not need a 3-D mammogram anymore for routine breast screening. Read to find out why.

Breast cancer has become one of the most common types of cancer. There are more than a million cases every year regarding this. The symptoms are a lump in the breast, bleeding from the nipple, pain in the nipple or breast, redness of the skin around the nipple, swelling of the entire breast area and … Read more

VentriGel, a boon for heart patients! A Hydrogel that helps repair damage caused by heart attacks!

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death all over the world, especially in the US, where obesity is a major concern. That is why the advent of VentriGel is such a massive moment in cardiac technology. VentriGel is the product of a University of California San Diego start-up called Ventrix. It is … Read more

Scientists Studying Protein Recycling By Cell Circuits Which Might Cure Alzheimer’s!

The human body is an efficient machine. The cells inside our bodywork day and night to make sure we are healthy. Scientists have conducted numerous researches about the functioning of the human body. It is vital to understand the internal biological processes in order to tackle diseases and come up with cures. One such process … Read more

Walt Disney Studios has partnered with Microsoft for fast digital ventures in the Cloud

Microsoft and Walt Disney Studios have come together for a ‘scene-to-screen’ cloud deal. The Walt Disney Studios and Microsoft have teamed up to accelerate their movie making and distribution process to the Cloud. They have partnered for a five-year deal, and the partnership is being headed by Disney’s StudioLab, an internal advanced studio lab for … Read more

Research: Chances of a human dying due to asteroid collision with Earth is more than the same human dying in a plane crash?

Bryan Walsh is an expert who is one of the former editors for Time Magazine and is also the author of the novel titled “End Times.” The book “End Times” has its primary focus in the existential threats that Earth faces due to the celestial bodies present in space. Bryan Walsh is indeed an expert, … Read more

80s Nostalgia hits hard with Sony releasing a new Walkman to celebrate its 40th Anniversary!

Sony released a new Walkman to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the music player. However, here is the catch; the new Walkman cannot play cassettes. Sony announced the released of the new model saying, “Take a trip down memory lane with the 40th-anniversary edition.”Released in 1979, the Sony Walkman was the first portable cassette player who … Read more

Marshmello & Kane Brown to put up a show on Good Morning America

There will be a unique concert of Marshmello and Kane Brown on Good Morning America this Friday. The American country singer, Kane Brown, and masked EDM artist, Marshmello will be on the TV screens on Friday via Good Morning America from Central Park, New York. The dynamic music sensations have joined hands with MelodyVR to … Read more

Preparation Options for Microsoft 70-761 Certification Exam

The Microsoft 70-761 exam evaluates the skills and knowledge of candidates on SQL Server. It is aimed at those IT professionals who want to enhance their career potentials in the industry. The test leads to the award of the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development certification. It is targeted at system engineers, developers, and SQL Server … Read more

The Electron Microscopy and Sample Preparation Report is here! Read on!

Here is the recent market analysis on Electron Microscopy and Sample Preparation Market By Types, Applications, Players and Regional Forecast to 2023. This report includes a key understanding of the driving factors of this growth. Furthermore, it also highlights the eminent players in the market and their developments. The industry is looking to be fairly … Read more