The Way Home: Movie Based on TRUE STORY!!! ENDING EXPLAINED… Click to Know!!

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YURI ON ICE: From Anime Series to MOVIE! Release Date, Trailer, and Plot Check out the Details

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Log Horizon to come up with Season 3 in Jan 2021..!! Click to know latest details!!

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Star-Lord of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is Bisexual and Polyamorous as Confirmed by Marvel

Marvel confirmed that Star-Lord, contend by Chris Pratt within the Guardians of the Galaxy films, is bisexual and polyamorous. Writer Al Ewing unconcealed the gender of the superhero, additionally referred to as Peter Quill, within the ninth and latest issue of the Guardians of the Galaxy magazine. The single-issue story, titled I Shall cause you … Read more

Cassie Lang of Avengers Fame Reacted on getting Replaced in Ant-Man 3

Avengers: Endgame actor Emma Fuhrmann has seen the news that she has been replaced within the third Ant-Man instalment. Details encompassing Ant-Man three had been distributed up till Disneys capitalist Day on ten December, that unconcealed not solely the subtitle of the film (Quantumania) however conjointly casting announcements. As expected, Paul Rudd, Michael Stephen A. … Read more

The Bond Girl, Halle Berry, 54, Revisits her Days of DIE ANOTHER DAY!! Recreates Iconic Hot Bikini Scene!!!

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