Mark’s Still an Underachiever in his Own World, with Glistering Trophy Cabinet Many can Only Think About.

Listening to The Telegraph Road who can ever think it’s a lifeless bunch of old toss unless one is Mark Knopfler. The highly celebrated and successful singer is quite expert in underlying his abilities despite playing for one of the worlds biggest bands, Dire Straits and also being 27th on Rolling Stones’ 100 Greatest Guitarists … Read more

Performing Rebel Girl was always risky: Kathleen Hanna On The Reign Of ‘Rebel Girl’.

Kathleen Hanna recently said that she felt risky in performing ‘Rebel Girl’ in Bikini Kill’s early years. She added that there were confrontations, things thrown at them and other stuff like that. So, she always felt heroic while doing that song. Bikini Kill was a meaningful band in the mid-1990s uproar grrrl development. It looked … Read more

KENTA Joins Bullet Club At NJPW G1 Climax Finals?

The point occurred during a match between KENTA, YOSHI-HASHI and Tomohiro Ishii, who collaborated to assume the Bullet Club group of Bad Luck Fale and the Guerillas of Destiny. KENTA never communicated with the Bullet Club during the match. As Tomohiro Ishii at long last went for a tag, KENTA bailed and remained outside the … Read more

The 100 Season 7 is going to release soon, unfolding the twist! Is Octavia dead or alive? Find out more!

The 100 is an awe-inspiring show filled with spaceships, missiles, body-snatchers, and even killer AIs. Finally, there is only one season left before the show ended. The way season 6 ended has put everyone in deep suspense. Octavia was being killed by an adult Hope and has dissolved into a green mist. This green mist … Read more

Game of Thrones New Update: Natalie who plays Wildling Osha felt strange at the season’s finale! Was the ending different then how it ended??

Game of Thrones actress Natalia Tena did not like the way the show ended. Natalia Tena ranted almost for an hour when the show’s final season came to a close. In the series Game of Thrones, Natalia Tena portrayed the character Wildling Osha. Natalia Tena appeared in 16 episodes in the entire 8 season of … Read more

Captured mixtape girl: Spice all set with the New Project Packed With Dancehall Bangers!!

Recently, Spice has announced its new project with Dancehall Bangers due this year. The Queen of Dancehall is now dominating the Jamaican music scene. The Queen of Dancehall is currently in the flow with the success of her mixtape- Captured. This year the Queen of Dancehall has some memorable performances this summer including her birthday … Read more

City Girls Pregnant rapper’s SUV shot 16 times….Yung Miami was in the car during the shooting??

The band City Girls are one of the best breakout in the hip-hop industry in the year 2019. They started capturing attention after they were featured in Drake’s solo ‘In My Feelings.’ Following this solo hot from Drake, the group City Girls have become one of the biggest hits in 2019 with City Girls single … Read more

Tori Kelly “Inspired by True Events” is just awesome! Her voice is so raw..that Justin Bieber loved her voice too!

Tori Kelly’s “Unbreakable Smile” was one of the widely acclaimed albums from 2015 which climbed onto the Billboard at No.2 spot. Unbreakable Smile was Tori Kelly’s debut album. With her full-hearted songwriting and breathtaking vocals, Tory Kelly has lit up the pop landscape. From the year 2015, the 26-year-old Los Angeles based artist has continued … Read more

“The Hills: New Beginnings” What makes Spencer Pratt believes Olivia Jade Giannulli should be in the sequel ?? We hear scandal! Find out more!!

YouTuber Olivia Jade Giannuli is being thought about by Spencer Pratt, as a participant in the television reality series ‘The Hills: New Beginnings,’ in its new season. Olivia Jade Giannulli is a Youtuber and an American celebrity popularized over social media. While being in high school, Jade started with her social media dealings on Instagram … Read more

Summer Tour 2019: The Smashing Pumpkin and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds is ready to fly at Walmart AMP!!

The smashing pumpkin is on fire since they announced the new about their show in the Walmart AMP on Friday, August 23. Tickets are there to be sold out for the show. This is for the summer tour they are on with former Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher and his band, the High-Flying Birds. They were … Read more