Wanna be a sexy and classy professional?? Here’s how you can be both!!

“The first 30 seconds decide the whole impression about an individual without him/her speaking a single word “.How you present yourself professionally can decide your whole career no matter how knowledgable you really are!! So presenting yourself in an appealing and catchy way can make your work a hell lot easier.

Wanna be a sexy and classy professional?? Here's how you can be both!! 5

The way one looks plays a significant role in the success of the individual. Having a good appearance nowadays is directly related to being perfect and flawless. If someones don’t fit in the environment, he /she is not accepted by other people and is not welcomed.

Wanna be a sexy and classy professional?? Here's how you can be both!! 6

How to be sexy and classy at the same time :

  • Keep in mind what’s right in the work environment: It is very important for a professional to understand what type of clothes and things are appropriate in the environment of the industry they are working in. They should not wear something that is out of the league for their workplace.
  • Don’t be too sexy: Who doesn’t want to be sexy? Everyone wants to look attractive. Wearing attractive clothes is all good, but they should not be too sexy for the workplace as it looks vulgar and creates a bad impression.
  • Wearing perfect fit clothes: one should wear clothes that are true to their body size. Loose and baggy clothes create a bad impression among other people in the workplace. 
  • Don’t wear heavy jewelry: it is very important to know that heavy jewelry is not appropriate for the workplace, and they do make a person look less attractive and less presentable.
  • Be hygienic: it is very important for a professional to take care of his/ her personal hygiene. One should not have bad breath and untidy hair.
  • Maintain good posture: having a good posture does make a person look more classy and presentable. Having a tired posture makes someone look ugly and unprofessional. So it’s very important how you present yourself physically.
  • Don’t wear high fashion clothes: high fashion clothes should not be worn during office time as though they look really good and sexy, they are way out of fashion for a workplace.
  • Wear a hand watch: Believe it or not, they do make someone look more classy and professional.