Ubisoft is shamelessly suing Google and Apple for copyright issues regarding copying a version of ‘Rainbow Six Siege’!

Ubisoft sues Apple, Google for selling ‘Rainbow Six: Attack’ clone. Apple and Google have supposedly wouldn’t expel ‘Territory F2′ from its stores. The work of art from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Attack is incredible. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Attack. Credit: Ubisoft

Computer game distributor Ubisoft has recorded a claim against Macintosh and Google for selling a game that is a “close to duplicate” of the organization’s 2015 title, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Attack.


As per a report from Bloomberg, the claim comes from the two organizations’ refusal to pull a clone of Ubisoft’s fiercely mainstream Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Attack from their separate Google Play and Apple Application stores. The game being referred to is Territory F2, a versatile FPS by Ejoy.com, an auxiliary of Alibaba, that Ubisoft duplicates Rainbow Six: Attack.

Ubisoft claims that Zone F2 duplicates “essentially every angle” of Rainbow Six: Attack, including its UI, the last score screen and the administrator determination screen. The organization likewise included that Rainbow Six: Attack “is among the most well known serious multiplayer games on the planet, and is among Ubisoft’s most important scholarly properties”.

The computer game distributer likewise said it had informed Mac and Google that Territory F2 encroaches upon the copyright of its popular shooter establishment, and that the organizations have would not expel the game from their particular advanced commercial centers.


Territory F2, which propelled a month ago, is depicted as “the primary Lacking elbow room Fight shooting match-up on portable” that empowers players to fight in “ultra-sensible situations as assailant and safeguard, playing as one of a wide determination of operators, each with their own uncommon capacity”. The game is presently accessible on iOS and Android.

Ubisoft’s online multiplayer FPS, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Attack, was first discharged in 2015, and became consistently in the course of the most recent couple of years to get one of the world’s generally well known and internet games. It is presently accessible on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


In other Ubisoft news, the studio’s up and coming Professional killer’s Doctrine: Valhalla is set to get a DLC pack dependent on Scandinavian legend Beowulf. ‘The Legend Of Beowulf’ DLC will be a piece of the game’s Season Go, as indicated by the developers.