Germany Leading The World Of Animated Films With Excellent Mastery Of 3D Animation.

Children love animated movies. Hollywood has been devoting a substantial amount of resources on kid’s animation films. Many big names are involved in this animation industry. Apart from Pixar and Disney, there are other names that are making it big in the animation world. It seems like Germany is surely taking over as the top leader in the world of animation. The works are filled with sophisticated storytelling along with the cross-border appeal. They can deliver a quality that can be marketed worldwide.

Germany Creating Excellent Animated Masterpieces!

All this started when fifteen years ago, a script for a children animation film landed on the desk of Emely Christians, a fresh-faced producer at recently formed Hamburg, Germany-based production company Ulysses Films. The script was that of a 3D animation film. No one has done that before in Europe recalled Emely. The script was quite adorable enough with a young reindeer who has vertigo. The story follows how the reindeer overcomes his fear in order to save Santa and rescue Christmas.

Since then, Ulysses animated titles -Luis and the Aliens have racked up more than $100 million at the global international office. This is considered as a huge figure for a boutique independent European production house.

Germany Leading The Global Market Of Animated Films.

The work started with a joint venture involving partners and financing from Germany, Finland, and Denmark. The film was named  The Flight Before Christmas. The film collected a whopping amount of $22 million at the global box office. Emely confessed to having never looked back after this immense success on a global scale.

The theatrical quality of German production is part of its core appeal for the global market. Emery has said that financial constraints have led the German animation companies to be more creative and focused on where they will spend their money.