Bad News!!! Starz warns Comcast users that they might lose access to ‘Outlander’ and ‘Power’

There is bad news from the Starz side. The Comcast users might lose access to shows such as Outlanders and Power.

Starz which is owned by Lionsgate warned Comcast Xfinity customers that on December 10, they might not access the premium network and dropping 17 Starz channels from Comcast network. Comcast is the number one cable operator of the US, which has more than 20 million subscribers.

Bad News!!! Starz warns Comcast users that they might lose access to 'Outlander' and 'Power' 3

The company made a statement,” Starz has been working diligently to reach a fair market distribution agreement with Comcast Xfinity in order to continue providing our shared customers with access to our acclaimed line-up of premium television content.” 

The company added, despite their meaningful discussion no result came out and that’s why Starz drops all packages from its networks, because of their renewal dispute.

The issue is, consumers find a new way to get their favorite shows by online subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, etc, instead of going for old cable networks.

On another side, Comcast made a statement that Starz’s terms are unreasonable. Starz changes its business according to trends, making its content available on online subscription services directly sharing to its customers through their app. “All we are asking for is the same treatment for our customer.” 

However, Epix joined hand with Comcast making an agreement, that it will replace Starz channels and included in Xfinity premium packages.