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Airbnb planning to limit the number of gatherings at their rentals due to the pandemic

They may also take legal action against any unauthorized New Year’s Eve parties

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to infect people in large numbers in the United States, Airbnb will be taking necessary action to prevent any excessive cases occuring during the New Year’s Eve celebrations. They will be imposing restrictions on large gatherings and will take legal action if any unauthorized bookings take place.

How it will affect bookings

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In a statement, Airbnb said that these measures can prevent large gatherings and guests can stay safe.

However, these protocols can make things more hard for guests who did not get positive reviews on the platform as they will now face difficulties in making last-minute bookings. In some of the markets such as United States, Canada and Mexico, there’s going to be a two-night minimum booking for entire-home listings for guests who don’t have positive reviews on the platform.

Guests who received good reviews and had booked one-night reservations in the past will not be facing this hurdle, as the company stated. It’s not like the company is completely banning any form of celebrations. Guests can still book, but make sure not to throw any parties that the company hadn’t acknowledged while they made the booking. If they do, they will face legal charges.

The company is currently providing instructions to all the Airbnb hosts and they will be operating through a “virtual command center” with trained safety personnel so that things go smoothly during the New Year’s period.

Airbnb had taken extra caution when it comes to parties after a deadly shooting took place during an unauthorized party in a California Airbnb Halloween rental last fall. House parties are now completely banned this summer and they have an active hotline so that anyone can complain when an unauthorized party takes place.

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