The Final Installment, ‘The Doors of Stone,’ from Patrick Rothfuss’ Widely Recognized Novel Franchise is Releasing this Year!

The novel, The Kingkiller Chronicles series, written by the American author Patrick Rothfuss is one of the most selling novels of all time. The books, The Doors of Stone is the third and also the final novel in the franchise. The story would take the story of Kvothe’s life up from the standstill of The Wise Man’s Fear, the part of the book, where it stopped at. Rothfuss had expected a certain way from the first release of the first book, The Name of the Wind, where he had also expressed the title that he wanted to give to the third book as it is named now.

There was news apparently about the editor not liking that title, however, in 2017, Rofthfuss told the fans that the confusion regarding the name was sorted out and was accepted by everyone indiscriminately. 

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Why is the book recently in the news?

As reports resurfaced about the release of the book, which was kept at a halt during the ongoing pandemic, since no publication would be open to print books at such a time, Amazon was seen releasing the news regarding the release of the much-awaited book. The first two series of the book were seen with a wide eye by everyone, and the books had gained a mixed ideology regarding the same when some people appreciated it, and some people found the story unjustified to some characters or rather place it this way, they found it incomplete and unjust. The third book is expected to take into consideration all the loopholes that there were in the first two series and fix the same in the third part. 

When is the release date that was made public recently?

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The release date is expected to be in August 2020 as leaked by Amazon and is surely expected to be seen back in the same month.