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John Banville is coming up with an amazing mystery novel and a pen name might have been killed this time! Check for more updates.

Who isn’t familiar with the great Irish novelist, John Banville. The perfectionist writer is so dedicated that he sometimes spends the whole day thinking about one suitable sentence to write. He usually writes his books with respect to the first person and his works are intricate, lapidary and Nabokovian. While according to some readers, it’s difficult to read.

People say that he is more towards making the style of writing perfect rather than improving the storytelling. His books include words which seems to be placed there just to make us realise that our vocabulary is weaker than his. Some such words are, mephitic, flocculent, anaglypta, crapulent, velutinous and caducous. People who are into writing since years, even they aren’t able to get the words he uses.

However, some of his works are really good and worth praise. Banville usually takes four to five years of time to complete just one novel. And the irony is that the even after spending so much time, he still remains dissatisfied with it. In 2009 during one of his media interactions, the author said that at times he hates his own books. However, he is confident enough that at least his books are better than other novelists works.

The novelist is going to launch his new mystery book, “Snow” in a few days. And I must say, it is something that you should surely give a try. Setting of the book’s plot is at a Protestant-owned country estate. The story takes a major turn when a murder takes place, the Catholic Priest of the place is dead. As per the data, he has been killed but the fact that who’s the culprit still remains a mystery.

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