If you know Sword Art Online, then you definitely know Kirito: here is everything you need to know about the character.

Kazuto Kirigaya is a hero and anecdotal character in the Sword Art Online Series. In computer games, he is normally eponyms in player name Kirito so books halfway set.

The arrangement was composed by Reki Kawahara and the voice by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka in (Japanese) and Bryce Papenbrook for (English).


Blade Art Online arrangement is an undertaking sci-fi Japanese tale arrangement represented by ABEC. Kawahara initially composed the arrangement on his site from 2002 to 2008 as a web novel.

ASCII Media works started distribution from April 1, 2009. That contains 24 volumes.

In this arrangement, Kirito was portrayed as a young person. He was chosen as one of 1,000 beta analyzers for the computer generated simulation MM10RPG called Sword Art Online.

In the anime arrangement, Kirito turns into an incredibly perceived character. Kirito makes an appearance job in the eighth scene of Eromanga sense the anime arrangement to repeat Yoshitsugu Matsuoka’s job.


Kirigaya Kazuto was conceived as Narusaka Kazuto later he known as Kirito. Kirito showed up as a symbol toward the start of the game and beta-testing stage depicted as the attractive hero from some dream activity.

Kirito’s birthday was October 7, 2008, and he is a secondary school understudy alongside a gamer.

Kirito’s character has a great deal of ensemble changes. Absolute first-time Kirito at his age of 14 wearing a blue shirt and earphones.


Kirito is constantly gathered and quiet character he didn’t give any indications of pain.

Asuna Yuki is the most significant and created connection in anime. They found each other in a collaborate to confront Fang the Kobold Lord. Later some point Asuna cooked for Kirito. At that point they got hitched to one another and found a child. Aside from that, they become sweetheart and beau, all things considered.