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Dutch author Marieke Lucas Rijneveld grabs International Booker Prize for 2020 for debut novel.

Every book we read has some special message hidden in it, and this is what makes the readers so interested in reading. Well, like you always appreciate a book, its author also should get appreciation at times. And this is why we have a lot of awards funtions for them, one of which is the grand, International Booker Prize. So aren’t you eager to know which author got this prize for this year, 2020.

Well, Dutch author Marieke Lucas Rijneveld was awarded with the International Booker Prize 2020 for his very popular and amazing book, The Discomfort of Evening this Wednesday. Story of the book is about grieves of childhood. And this has made the twenty nine years old, Rijneveld the youngest author to get this prize. It is such and honourable and prestigious moment for him.

The author was awarded with a huge amount of sixty six thousand dollars, which amounts to around 50,000 pounds. Well, he’ll be sharing this prize money with Michele Hutchison, because he’s the one to translate the book from Dutch language to English.

The judge, Ted Hudgkinson said that the book is a tender one in which the evocative childhood is held between salvation and shame. Thus, the book deserved the prize more than any other books in the nomination. He also said that selecting one book for this award out of so many incredible creations is a difficult task for them. This time they wanted a book which goes beyond echoing the present and has some extraordinary and fictional content.

Other books shortlisted for the prize included, The Enlightenment of Greengage, The Adventures of China Iron and many others but this one impressed the judges the most.

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