Finding Way Out Of Vulnerability, Here Is Again A Story Of One Of The Selena’s Triumphs– Her Spanish Venture

Selena Gomez was one of the sensational personalities of 2020. Apparently, Selena made, multiple virtual appearances last year. On of the virtual appearance was with USA Vice President, Kamala Harris. In that interview, Selena revealed that she is focusing on herself amid the pandemic is giving her a lot of free time. Apparently, what Selena … Read more

Indo-American couple, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are set to announce Oscar nominations on March 15

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra will be announcing Oscar nomination of 15th of March. International star Priyanka and Nick who married 2 years ago would be honored to have this opportunity. The Academy took to Twitter, revealing that this amazing couple would took to the elegant ponder to announce the Oscar nominations. Both Priyanka and … Read more

Here Are Our Best Strayed Guesses of What ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 5 Going To Feature

Get ready because ‘The Masked Singer’ is all set to return with season 5. with all new guests and costumes, ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 5 has a lot for its viewers. Here is the compiled guess of guests, plots and clues, this latest season is going to feature. Moreover, if you have not watched any … Read more

Kourtney and Travis are officially a couple– here is the coverage on their relationship timeline

Kourtney’s relationship with Travis Baker is trending among there fans. The couple has been observed as official couple since 2021. Eventually many people think that that they have started their relationship on board as new knowns. But to the surprise of fans, it came out that the couple knew each other for a long time. … Read more

British Famed Singer And Ex-Directioner, Zayn Bombarded Grammys– Says That Unless You Are A Bootlicker, You receives Nominations

Singer and songwriter, Zayn Malik flashed numerous allegations on Grammy. The singer publicly said that unless you are a bootlicker and favorites of Grammy. Moreover, Zayn further accusing the Grammys said that they are corrupt and biased. They ignore those who do not stay in touch with them. Zayn in rage revealed a lot about … Read more

CW has rebooted Kung Fu Along With Female Lead, Olivia Liang. The announcement was made on 8th March That Marks The International Women’s day

The CW’s new version of TV series has finally out. This time the creators have did something unique. They are planning to move this series forward with a female lead. The series is ought to be active in production since 2017. In fact, it was originally to be a Fox Production series. But in 2019 … Read more

After a huge number of tremor controversies, KUWTK is soon getting off the board– here is the ” Look Back on 14 Years of Memories!” video released

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is soon going to end. The creators have released a farewell video which depict 14 years of the show. One of the most famous family, Kardashians and Jenners are ought to appear one last time in the finale of the show. Everything, right from the weddings to giving birth to … Read more

Kylie Jenner faces reprisal for making profit from the pandemic by releasing a hand sanitizer

Well, it is not something new and latest that Kardashians and Jenners are facing backlashes for their actions. In fact, 2020 was nothing but a phase of facing backlashes. Currently, Kim Kardashian is in trending for filling a divorce from Kanye West. She and her rapper husband Kanye, are seeking for divorce says reports. However, … Read more

Japanese anime series Dororo’s season 2 getting closer to a dead end. Read latest updates here

Dororo is a Japanese manga and anime series. The first anime series of Dororo was aired between April and September in 1969. That time the series was animated by Mushi Productions studio. However, MAPPA again decided to make a new version of Dororo anime. The first season was released on 27th of January, 2019 and … Read more