The audience laughed at Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner at the 2019 Emmys and rise questions on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality show!!

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner were asked to present with the award for Outstanding Reality TV at the 2019 Emmy Awards and things got awkward. The entire audience seems to have been laughing at them while they were on stage announcing the award. The two representing their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, were … Read more

“More deaths in Stranger Things Season Four?”: Fan theories suggest gruesome ends for original characters.


With Stranger Things 3 seeing some gruesome deaths and big ones, it seems like the upcoming and probably the final season of the series will be having more grisly ends and no original character is safe. New Stranger Things theories predict that one of the sure deaths will be that of Dr. Brenner, who we … Read more

“From Murad to Gully Boy!”: Gully Boy is India’s official selection for the Academy International Feature Film category.

India has selected Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy as the country’s official entry for the category of Best International Feature Film at the 2020 Oscars. The movie is based and inspired by the real lives of Mumbai street rappers Divine and Naezy. Gully Boy starring Ranveer Singh traces the struggles of Divine and Naezy, as aspiring rappers living in the slums and chasing their … Read more

Assassin queen Claudia Ochoa Felix, known as Kim Kardashian of the Crime World Dies Mysteriously

Claudia Ochoa Felix, known as the Kim Kardashian of organized crime, was one of the top assassins, who ranked high in the Sinaloa cartel, which was formerly lead by Joaquin El Chapo Guzman before his extradition, was found dead in her lover’s bed under the circumstances deemed mysterious. She was known as the Anthrax Empress. … Read more

A women almost killed herself over toothache! From treating a toothache to turning her blood “blue” and almost dying! A unique and scary case of Rhode Island..

A woman in Providence, Rhode Island, walked into an emergency department with complaints of weakness, shortness of breath and fatigue, and she was turning blue. This unique and scary case was shared by Dr. Otis Warren and Dr. Benjamin Blackwood in a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine this Thursday. The study … Read more

Meghan Fox and Brian Greene are new parenting goals as they support their son’s passion for wearing dresses.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Greene have no problem with their six-year old’s love for fashion and with him wearing dresses as it should be. The parents of the young boy, faced with the bullying and criticisms have opened up and shown their support for their son’s decision to wear what he wants and to help him be … Read more

One of Marvel’s heroes just got a symbiote, and that is terrible news for Carnage!

If you are an Absolute Carnage comic fan, you have been following the latest installments of the dynamics between Eddie Brock and Venom symbiote and see how they seem have entered a bad phase. We first saw how Eddie and the symbiote were unable to speak due to the symbiote’s sentience being destroyed. Then the … Read more

Netflix is the top dog in the streaming wars, and focus will help says, Co-Founder Marc Randolph.

The streaming field is getting intense with new big names joining the game and announcing their streaming services. There is Apple TV+, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Media’s HBO Max (T) and the new announcement of NBCUniversal (CMCSA). However, Netflix is still the leading player in the game. As the Instagram generation puts it, Netflix … Read more

Netflix “Daybreak”: Trailer released! Teenage version of “Walking dead”? Will the teenagers be able to save themselves from Apocalyptic Dystopia??

The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming series Daybreak released and it seems the show manages to combine teen drama and dystopic together. Centered around teenagers in Glendale, California, Daybreak follows the lives of teenagers in high school in an apocalyptic world. The one minute trailer reveals that due to a nuclear blast, all the adults … Read more

Amazon series “The Lord of the Rings”: The most expensive TV series returns to New Zealand again! Has the filming started, Fans eagerly waiting for updates!!

The Lord of the Rings returns to New Zealand again. Amazon Studios announced that the Lord of the Rings TV series would be shot in New Zealand. With pre-production ongoing, the production of the series based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels will start in Auckland in the upcoming months. Showrunners and executive producers of the upcoming … Read more