Tsurune The Movie Trailer Dropped By Kyoto Animation Ahead its Premiere

Tsurune The Movie Trailer Out Now 

Ahead of the premiere, Tsurune The Movie trailer dropped by Kyoto Animation. An upcoming film sees a new trailer and an inside glimpse of the animated film which fans were waiting for for quite a long time.

In the newly released trailer, fans can see anime visuals that hint at what fans can expect in the film.

The trailer brought back all the beautiful memories of the anime series and its character alive once again on the big screen. In the trailer, we see all the main characters including Minato Narumiya, known for his archery skill also present. With him, Masaki Takigawa, a mysterious girl also seen. Both were seen standing in front of the floral background with their bow and arrow.

Tsurune The Movie_
Tsurune The Movie

In the trailer, the official title of the film is also revealed. The film will release as Tsurune The Movie: Hajimari no Issha, which means The Starting Shot.

We are expecting this anime film to be as good as its series. Let’s found more about the released trailer here.

About the Trailer 

As the trailer opens, we see Minato Narumiya sitting with his bow drawing it and flying its arrow when suddenly a soft melody breaks in the background. Then series of clips follows taking us to Minato and Masaki Takigawa where they were practicing their craft. Both of them working on their skills to become the best archers in the world.

Tsurune The Movie_
Tsurune The Movie

Its first trailer dropped by Kyoto Animation, the production house of the film, in September last year. Its light series dropped between 2018 and 2019 with 13 episodes and all its previous crew members including director Takuya Yamamura returned on this film too.

The movie will drop on August 19 and will also be available on Crunchyroll.

You can watch the trailer here.