Tokyo Ghoul: Did the story really end on a happy note? Check out every latest update we know.

Fans of the anime and manga were apprehensive about its ending as they expected something dark

Before we begin, please note that there will be spoilers to Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul :re. 

Tokyo Ghoul is a story that’s set in tragedy and suffering, so fans were expecting the end of Tokyo Ghoul :re to be full of sorrow as well. But instead it showed a normal and pleasant time skip to better times and brought a kind end to Ken Kaneki’s journey. But fans still think that it’s all a ploy and that things aren’t as great as they look.

The author’s wishes

In the final fight, Kaneki faces of against Dragon and when he slays the monster, he gets swept away in a huge flood. But Ayato manages to save him and in the final chapter, Kaneki pops up, looking as happy as one could be. He is married to Touka and has a daughter named Ichika. Along with him, the city of Tokyo was also on the road to recovery.

We see the rest of the characters meeting up at Kaneki’s house, and everyone looks to be doing well. It ended with Kaneki going for a walk with his family and saying, “What a beautiful day” and the whole chapter looks like a dream. And that’s what many speculate it to be: just a dream.

Kaneki always said that his story would be tragic, and Tokyo Ghoul did have a sad ending. But that doesn’t mean it can happen again with Tokyo Ghoul :re and that might be what the creator Sui Ishida thought. He might’ve realised that the character deserves a happy ending after going through so much, but again, who really knows?

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