The Top 5 Anime Fighting Sequences of All-time for Adrenaline Rush!

A surge in the fandom

Over the period of time the anime industry has prospered so much. And there has been a surge in the number of anime fans in the last few years. There are a great deal of anime out there of many different genres. In addition, each fan has their own favourite genre type and anime. But the most common and preferred one is the action genre of the anime. And the best thing about the action genre is the fighting scenes.

Top 5 anime fighting sequences of all time

There are a great deal of action anime out there with very beautiful fighting scenes but there are some that stand above the others.

Picking 5 best anime fighting sequences was a tough decision. But in the end all the sequences that are mentioned below have been listed on the basis of, choreography, animations, setting, emotional impact and the audience’s reaction. So, here are top 5 anime fighting sequences of all time:

Number 5: Goku Vs. Jiren (Dragon Ball Super)

No other fight is as memorable as Goku’s fight with Jiren. Goku took the responsibility of defeating Jiren along with the responsibility of saving his universe from being erased. Not only did he fight for the fate of the universe but in doing so got an even greater power in ultra instinct. Finally, animation of the fight was done spectacularly and the emotional impact behind this fight was exceptional.

Credits: Crunchyroll

Number 4: Levi Vs. The Beast Titan (Attack On Titan)

Attack on Titan is considered by many to be the best anime of the decade. There is no doubt present that some of the best fighting sequences are present in Attack on Titan. But Levi’s fight with the Beast Titan stands out from the others. The animation of this fight was outstanding and Levi chopping up the Beast Titan will forever remain one of the iconic moments.

Credits: Crunchyroll

 Number 3: Naruto & Sasuke Vs. Momoshiki (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was the sequel to the famous anime Naruto Shippuden. But, Fans were dying to see Naruto and Sasuke work together. And the final confrontation with Momoshiki gave fans what they wanted. Naruto and Sasuke’s capabilities were shown to the full extent. The soundtrack and animations of the fight were top-notch. Lastly, fans were left speechless after witnessing the fight and that is exactly why it’s in this list.

Credits: YouTube

 Number 2: Kyojuro Rengoku Vs. Akaza (Demon Slayer)

It’s undeniable that Demon Slayer consists of some of the best fighting sequences. But this particular confrontation between Rengoku and Akaza left the fans speechless. Rengoku, without any help, confronting the upper demon head on was quite bad-ass. And the fight between them was extraordinary. In contrast, the animation was done perfectly and the soundtrack made the scene ten times better.

Credits: Funimation

 Number 1: Kakashi Vs. Obito (Naruto Shippuden)

And the number 1 spot goes to Kakashi Vs. Obito. This fight is considered by many to be the best fighting sequence of all time. The fight between them was quite intense and climatic. It had a major emotional impact on it’s audience. Furthermore, fans around the globe were touched by this fight. Even though the fight ended with a tragedy. It is still considered by many to be the best fighting sequence in the history of anime fights.

Credits: viz media

Potential worthy opponents on the way

The fighting sequences mentioned above are no doubt one of the best in the history of anime fights. Picking only 5 out of so many beautifully animated fighting sequences was hard. But with more anime on the way the list could change in time.