Sword Art Online The Movie- Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night : The Bond between Asuna and Mito Transitions into a Movie

Sword Art Online The Movie Progressive Aria of a Starless Night

The strong bond between Asuna and Mito is the big talk of the town in Japan. It is seen in the trailer of the upcoming Sword Art Online The Movie Progressive Aria of Starless Night. The film will come to theatres on October 30. The character of the film will be headed to the town Mito, Ibaraki for the city’s collaboration.

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What will happen in the film?

Sword Art Online, sometimes also known as Sao. is already taking over the internet with the trailer. The franchise of the anime will be seen collaborating with the local cafes of SAO-themed items. The cafes will be Sao themes and the merch will also be of Sao theme.

The release date of the film in Japan is October 30, however, the film internationally will release on December 3 from the Funimation and Aniplex production houses. This is a story about the time before Lighting Flas and The Black Swordman. It was about the time when Asuna Yuuki was in the third year of middle school.

However, she never touched any online game before. But then there was this Sword game and that is where his whole life was turned around. November 6, 2022, was the day when the first VRMMORPG sword art online was launched. However, the player found something off about the game. It seems like they cannot seem to exit the game.

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It’s not a lot of them since they realize that if a player loses in the game and dies, then he also dies in the real world. But Asuna is the real player he gets the hang of the game and he is all set to defeat the enemy. However, she is not so much known about the fact that what will happen if she loses.