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Kemurikusa: Sci-fi Anime Brings You the Story of Three Sisters & Their Survival Struggle!!! Latest Details here!!!

The anime series, Kemurikusa, has got a rating of 7.1. Kemurikusa was launched in the year 2019 and has a good rating as you mentioned prior. If you haven’t watched the animation series, you must have a look at it. However, for now, scroll down to know more about the anime series, Kemurikusa. 

When was Kemurikusa launched???

The anime series launched its first season back in 2019 on January 7 and was over by 27 March in the same year.

The Japanese manga series was produced by  Yaoyorozu.


Have you watched the trailer yet? If you are the one who has already watched the series you definitely know everything. However, in case you fall into another category, you can watch the video below to get a glimpse into the animation series.

Well, the series has got its origin from an original net animation series with the same name which was originally launched in 2012.


What is the storyline of the animation series???

Don’t worry! I won’t give spoilers. However, you will get an idea about the story of the series.

The sci-fi anime series follows the story of three strong sisters. The anime depicts wonderfully how these three sisters struggle to survive in the desolate world overrun by mysterious red fog and akamushi, hostile red robot insects.


What are the characters seen in the animation series???

The characters you will encounter in the series include Rin (the protagonist), Wakaba (the second protagonist), Ritsu, Rina, Riku, Ryō, Ryoku, Shiro, Riri, Akagi.

Is the animation series available on Netflix???

Unfortunately, the answer is NO!!!

The series is not available on Netflix yet. However, you can watch it on other platforms.

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