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Goblin Slayer season 2: Everything depends on the sales

Here are the common methods to find out if the anime warrants a sequel

Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy anime series about a man in armour with the sole mission of slaying every goblin that he can find, after his family gets killed by them. The first season aired in 2018 followed by a movie in 2020. Fans are currently waiting for news regarding season two as the story is far from over.

How to know if we will get season two

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Now the most effective way to know whether an anime series gets a sequel is by checking the profit it earned after its first season. At least that’s what happens 95% of the time. First, let’s take a look at the source material.

The original source is the light novel, from which the manga and anime was adapted. However, the manga sales are bigger than the novel sales. Next, let’s see how many volumes there are. Currently, there are 13 light novel volumes released in Japan, and its status is shown as ongoing. The latest volume came out in Japan on October 14, 2020, making it the second volume in 2020. Three volumes released in 2018 while two released in 2019.

In the anime, they have adapted volumes 1 and 2 and parts of volume 4. The movie, Goblin’s Crown used the entire fifth volume. So, we have around nine volumes worth of story left to be seen animated.

Next comes sales and profit. Its common for anime sales to drop with every sequel. The first season sold around 4000 copies per disk on average, which was pretty good. But it will be lesser with the second season. The novels are selling between 20-40k which is good but not great as the hit novels average at 50k. But the manga sales have sold at the 100-250k range and the movie made ¥100,000,000, which is around $1 million, which is quite bad.

If the studio thinks it can somehow make a profit judging from these factors, then a second season will be made.


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