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Gamers Season 2: With more of the story left to be told, will the studio return for a second round? We have the Answer

In the three years since it has been released, we haven’t received an official update yet

Gamers is an anime adapted from the light novel of the same name by Sekina Aoi, that we think would belong to the gaming genre, but soon turns into a high school romantic comedy. It can be enjoyed by all who love the romantic comedy as well as the gaming/ Isekai genre. Season one came out on July 13, 2017 and ended in September 28, 2017. While the MAL ratings were 6.95/10, the anime got a lot of views and ended up in the top ten most-viewed animes within a month from releasing.

Season 2 details


Currently, it’s impossible to say when the second season will be released. Our best guess would be sometime in 2021 or 2022. The platforms where it released last time was on AT-X, Tokyo MX, Sun TV, and BS11. The anime hasn’t come to Netflix yet. If it had, we would’ve had more chances of getting a second season since Netflix only indulges on the popular ones. If any developments are made, the post will be duly updated.

There is still more to the story, as only 2-3 volumes of the light novel had been adapted incorporated into the first season.

As for the story, it revolves around Keita Amano, a high school boy who is an avid gamer, but only plays the single-player ones. One day, he was approached by the school idol and the president of the school’s gaming club, Karen Tendo. He takes a look, but after finding out it was competitive gaming, he declines the offer. This refusal sets off a chain of events in Keita’s life, including Karen falling for him. The rest of the story follows the romantic and slightly gamey path.



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