Fans get emotional as One piece is coming to an end

The writer of One Piece sets a deadline to end the manga

One is one of the most epic anime of all time. The manga and the anime have the biggest fanbase of all time. Meanwhile, the reason is simple, One Piece is the longest-running anime. The Manga and the anime started 20 years from now and some of the people have literally grown up with Luffy.

Is it the endgame now

However, every good thing must come to an end. So does One Piece. The hit Anime has come in Round 3 where we are facing the most interesting and terrifying fights of Luffy vs Kaido. The newest running chapter is from Eiichiro Oda’s original manga edition. However, Wano country has already made some good progress against Kaido. The first one being between him and the four emperors of the sea. And the second one is where the Worst Generation had to take two Emperors at the same time.

Luffy being Luffy
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Our protagonist Luffy has also improved throughout the journey of anime. With every single fight, he comes out as more strong. Even though he has taken some losses still we all love him for the way he is. Recently, he has been trying to get back to Skull Dome after plunging into the sea since his defeat from Kaido.

In the final moments of the chapter with see Luffy having an upper hand with Sankeman Jet Culverin. Meanwhile, Kaido is still in confusion over how Luffy managed to survive the last battle. And who is the dragon with Luffy? Luffy has once again declared that he will be the King of the Pirates.

Straw Hats showing love to his captain
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Meanwhile, these chapters and fights are the hints that Luffy is going to end. As confirmed by Eiichiro Oda One Piece is going to wrap up in the next five years. Although he knows how much sentimental value the anime has he has assured to give fans the ending they want.