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Fairy Tail’s Creator Hiro Mashima is Bringing a New Anime ‘Edens Zero’ on Netflix This Year

This anime from the creator of Fairy Tail might just be Netflix’s biggest entrant this year

Hiro Mashima, the creator of the hit manga and subsequent anime series Fairy Tail will have his next story, Eden Zero‘s anime adaptation to be available on Netflix. The new series will might be Netflix’s biggest anime to come out in 2021.

The animation for Edens Zero will be done by J.C. Staff, and right from the first look, fans got to recognize Mashima’s distinct artwork and magical premise to the story, which was all similar to Fairy Tail. 

Release date

J.C. Staff

From the trailer, we got to know that the Netflix Original will be arriving in 2021, but the exact date wasn’t specified. Since it is being licensed for distribution exclusivel by Netflix outside Japan, it’s likely that the anime will be coming out in mid to late 2021.

Edens Zero will be premiering on Nippon TV in Japan on April 11, 2021.


J.C. Staff

The story starts in a place called Granbell Kingdom, which is inside an abandoned amusement park. Our protagonist Shiki had been living his whole life with machines and animatronics. Enter Rebecca, and her companion Happy (yes, that Happy) who are exploring the park and comes across Shiki, who hasn’t had any human contact in a hundred years. Shiki’s home later becomes ground zero for a robotic rebellion, so he has no choice but to leave it behind and join Rebecca and Happy in their spaceship and travel the vast cosmos.

The episode count is currently unknown, bit given the number of episodes that Fairy Tail first came out with, it can be anywhere between 24 and 48.

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