Drifting Dragons: Check out all latest updates on this Netflix anime including cast, plot, spoilers and latest updates.

The Japanese manga series, Drifting Dragon is one such anime that the fans go crazy for. Writer and illustrator of the show is done by Taku Kuwabara. First volume of the eight volumed series released on 7th November 2016. And now fans are desperate to watch more of the series. So here all you need to know about the manga.


As we all know that Netflix is coming up with a lot of animation shows now a days. Thus, among all the popular animes Netflix brings, it has also included Drifting Dragons. Yes, you heard it right, the platform is gonna renew this anime show.

The Japanese 3D designing company Polygon Pictures has played a major role in bringing the previous show. And it is the one to announce its renewal on March 15, 2019.


And finally the most awaited anime show came up on Netflix on 30th April, 2020. Tadahiro Yoshihira is the director for Netflix version of the Drifting Dragons. Whereas the cast includes Sora Amamiya playing Takita, Faye played by Makoto Furukawa, Mika played by Tomoaki Maeno and lastly Giraud played by Soma Saito.

While the series is about a girl. She is new into the dragon hunting ship. And she also learns rope intends for the purpose of whaling. The crew also finds themselves stronger whereas the girl develops more respect towards the dragons.

The first season showed us how to make a dragon tail sandwich. Now let’s see what special will season two have for its fans.


The show is sure to hit the screens. But release date for it has not been revealed yet. Obviously, like the other shows this one is also on a halt due to corona virus.