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Citrus Season 2: New Hope for the Anime Fans!!! Everything you need to know about!!!

Everything you need to know about Citrus Season 2…

The love story of Mei and Zuzu is a strong adaptation of the anime series. It was all launched two years before. Citrus first played the role of a Manga series. It took a long time to adapt itself as an onscreen experience. The Yuri series is highly acclaimed for serialization.

All about the history of this series…

The final adaptation was made in January 2018. The serialization was started back in 2012. The follow-up season requires plenty of material. Two years have passed and nothing has come out so interesting. There is no renewal of Citrus 2 yet by the Studio Passione.

What does the public think about the series?

The Yuri series has a huge fan base. Low ratings were initially received by the anime adaptation. Favorable critical reviews have not been given importance. There have been many critical reviews for IMBd and Myanime List. This is the reason why there has been so much discouragement from the studio.

Season anime titles are very much required for Studio Passione. It’s seriously surprising to follow the same path for Citrus. Fans should not lose hope, however. There are chances of course for the studio to change their minds. The only thing which fans need to do is Demand!

Where will season 2 of Citrus pickup from ?

Citrus can also be picked by other studios. There is no need for the creation of more seasons. The original manga volume served as the ending of the fourth volume of Season 1. From there only season 2 will pick up. However, the studios have started working on other projects. Go for the entire story first from the novel and then go into the anime. The story revolves around the struggles of a girl in a new academy.

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