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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 51 RAW Scans: Battle Theory of Boruto vs Isshiki Explained!

There has been a lot of craze for manga series now a days. These western shows have extremely amazing storylines and fans love watching these remarkable storylines. This is why many manga shows have been adapted into anime and cartoons.

All the viewers must have been familiar with two popular manga characters Naruto and Boruto. Both anime and manga are of the exactly same name. So read below to find out all the details of release date, cast and plot about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 51.

Most of the narrative part of the scenes in Boruto: Naruto chapter 51 revolves around Naruto’s son Boruto. Boruto discloses to us in the show that, who Isshika gets is capable of travelling into additional measurements so we see him experimenting with the exact identical by the use of karma.

Release date of Boruto chapter 51

Get ready guys….! Boruto chapter 51 is all set to premier on October 20, 2020. And the scans can be found from October 17, 2020. Thus, we do not need to wait much for it.

Spoilers for Boruto chapter 51

Boruto opposes Naruto and confronts the planet and this leads to the growth of differences between the father and son. Boruto wants to make his own name and he didn’t want to be known as the young child of Hokage. And thus, the ninja experience continues to take place.

The exciting thing is that this time Boruto has also got some new powers. He has got an attention ability’ Jougan’. With the help of this he will be able to find electricity hidden in human beings. And there are going to be many exciting twists and turn in the storyline which you wouldn’t want to miss.

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