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Anime Series ‘Prison Break’ is Taking More Time Than Usual for Season 2! What’s the Cause of Delay? Details Below

It seems like the popular anime series Prison Break went on to gain considerable attention, however, the anime series had not yet arrived for yet another new season and fans are worried about the uncertainty looming large on the show.

Is Anime Series Prison Break Season 2 Going To Arrive Anytime Soon?

The first season aired back in 2015 and went on got a while with the first season finale wrapping up in September, 2015. The director of Prison Break Naoyuki Uchida has also teased the possibility of a second season and if it happens then he is quite on board with it, however, this has surely made fans worried.

The story revolves around a strict orthodox Hachimitsu Private Academy school, which at first was an all-girls school, however, it is soon changed after five boys are admitted in the school which results in some unexpected turn of events.

The First Season Finale Of Prison Break Ended Back In 2015!

Moreover, the whole situation is turned upside down after they face internal imprisonment in the school’s Prison Block, and soon receive an ultimatum from the USC to stay a month in the prison or be expelled!

This gives rise to several events that put the action in motion. While the first season of Prison Break received somewhat mixed reactions over the years , we wonder what can be the probable reasons for the studio not going ahead for a second season till now, whatever the reason may be it seems like a second season is going to make the fans wait for a while and anime lovers can binge the first season till then to experience the thrills that goes on in the school itself.