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Anime Lovers!!! When will Season 2 of Get Ride! AMDriver release??? Click to know what’s the Anime all about!!!

Get Ride! AMdriver is one of the most famous Japanese anime series. Widely known as AM Driver, the series in Japan has the former name. Scroll down to know about the anime series!

Get Driver

How many seasons does the series have???

Till now, the series has unveiled only one season which was launched back on April 5, 2004, and was over by March 24, 2005. And sadly, there is no news about the release of Season 2.

The number of episodes in Season 1:

There are a total of 51 successful episodes. The running time of each episode is around 24 minutes. Produced by Studio DeenTV Tokyo, and Nihon Ad Systems, the series has gained direction from Yūji Yamaguchi.

AM driver

Cast and Characters of the series:

You will see the following cast in the series:

  • Jenus Dira
  • Mary Fastia
  • Rochetes Kiss
  • Ragna Laurairia
  • Dark Kalhole
  • Taft Krema
  • Scene Pierce
  • Kook “KK” Karland
  • Ivan Nyrguise
  • Gan Jardie
  • Paf Shining
  • Gangrid Diglahze

AM driver

What is the plot of ‘Get Ready! AMDriver’???

The series depicts a future world. When the earth is besieged by bugchines or destructive mecha. It follows the AM Drivers who are trained and are given special powerful weapons so they can turn this menace. The anime heroically depicts the adventures and actions of the AM Drivers who fight constantly to protect the general public. The more an AM Driver is popular the particular AM Driver gets larger budgets. With the help of the increased budget, they can buy specific more powerful weapons and arms. All the 51 episodes of the series depict enormous adventures and awesome actions and entertain the viewers. You can watch the anime series on various platforms.


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