Anime Lovers!!! Updates from ‘No Game No Life’!!! Get details of Season 2!!!


Here in this article, we will be discussing your favorite anime ‘No Game No Life’. You will come to know whether you will get a sequel for your favorite anime or not. Read the article to know all the latest information about the second season of the anime!

No game no life season 2

Will we get Season 2 of ‘No Game No Life’???

The Japanese manga series is based on a light novel with the same name penned by Yū Kamiya. The anime series has got much attention since the time of its release. At present, the focus is more on the sequel of the series. The fans of the series are enthusiastically waiting for any news regarding the second season of the series. You too, I guess, that’s the reason for you to read this. 

However, we don’t have any official news hinting towards season 2 of the anime. It has been more than seven years since the release of the first season of the anime. The first season was premiered in 2014 and we don’t have an announcement regarding season two from neither the producers nor the streaming platforms.

No game no life season 2
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At present, we can only hope for the creators to think about the sequel of the series.

Release date:

The first series was released in the month of April with successful 12 episodes. The fans welcomed it cordially. The light comedy anime series was loved by its fans. Despite its popularity, the production has given no words to the sequel. The mouths are zipped yet.

The COVID-19 has also contributed to this silence as because of the pandemic all the production suffered a setback.

Well, we can be hopeful for any news to come out for the series.

No game no life season 2
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