ANIME LOVERS!!! Get Latest Updates about your favorite manga anime series OVERLOAD Season 4!!! Cast, Plot, Release Dates, and many more exciting facts!!!


Animes are something without which the Otakus can never imagine their lives. Who would want to? As an anime fan, life becomes more interesting and we get something to see more than real faces. With its origin in Japan at present animes are loved worldwide. Animes have captured the hearts of millions, one such anime is Overlord. The anime has made a strong fan base since its debut and has launched three seasons in its franchise and the fans are eagerly waiting for the fourth season to arrive sooner on the screens. Hopping from one website to another, they are desperately searching the news for their favorite Overlord Season 4 and this blog post contains all the latest information about your favorite SCI-FI Manga anime series, Overlord 4!!!

What We Know about Overlord Season 4 So Far

What we know about season 4 of OVERLORD???

Season 3 of the anime series ended on a big intriguing note. The fans are still assuming whether the end was real or the beginning of a new story. Well, the mystery will definitely get solved in the upcoming season.

Though the show was not officially announced, the recent words of scriptwriter Kugane Maruyama about season 4 that it was extremely likely to be produced has made it clear that we will encounter season 4.

Release Date:

It is likely that season 4 of the anime will come. The release dates of the anime will come sometime in 2021. If the luck is not favorable, the dates might get shifted to 2022.

Anyway, let’s hope for the anime makers to unzip their mouths soon on Season 4.


As no trailers have been divulged of the anime yet, we cannot make blind guesses as it might sound naive. Somehow, we can expect our mysteries left by season 3 to get solved in the upcoming season.

Overlord' season 4 release date, production, spoilers: Is season 4 getting announced this year? - EconoTimes

Meanwhile, let’s pray for the official words about Season 4 to come out to strengthen our speculations.