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Season 2 of the famous animation series, The Promised Land, is one of the most anticipated comebacks of any animation series. Well, if you wanna get a glimpse of the third episode of season 2 then check out the blog post!

The neverland season 2

Season 2 of The Promised Land is probably one of the most awaited sequences of the anime.

Season 2 is a continuation of the story of Season1. The story of Emma and the other children f Grace Field in their attempt to protect their world from the demons is beautifully retorted in the anime series.

When was Season 2 launched?

Although season 1 launched back in Winter 2019 we were able to see the second season only on 8th January 2021.

Check the video below to see the official trailer of the anime:

When is the third episode launched?

The third episode premiered on 22nd January this year.

The series generally launches its episodes on Thursdays.

Episode 3 of the anime series got its direction from Yayoi Takano.

How did the third episode begin?

Check the video below to see the preview of Episode 3! 


In the above preview, you can see how the other kids ask Emma whether she is okay after noticing her strange behavior. However, Emma denied her uneasiness and said that she is okay.

Episode 3 begins with Emma, Ray, and Mujira in the underground caves. The episode begins with Emma showing off pictures from the orphanage to Mujika.

All the kids begin to roll over the picture and then started to think about Norman.

The promised neverland season 2
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However, this episode indulges the viewers more in the mystery and thrills. The episode of dark fantasy anime leaves lots of questions behind. The episodes are indulging more and more curiosity among the fans of the anime. It would definitely be more exciting to see how the story takes place with the upcoming episodes.

You can binge-watch the series on Funimation and AnimeLab.

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The neverland season 2