‘The Simpsons’ Legendary Writer talks of animation’s DARKEST Episode in First Major Interview!!!

The minds behind ‘The Simpsons’ at last talked about the much-discussed animation show that gets the set of experiences right each and every time. Thought about extraordinary compared to other shows in its 32-year history, John Swartzwelder addressed The New Yorker about his profession with The Simpsons.

On the beginning of things to come, John said, “The Army Man jokes got me my underlying meeting with [the late] Sam [Simon] and Matt [Groening], which prompted my first content task, ‘Bart the General,’ yet I wasn’t really employed to chip away at stuff until I’d completed three scenes. The Simpsons needed more cash for a full-time composing staff until late in 1989. They have sufficient now, obviously.”

'The Simpsons' Legendary Writer talks of animation's DARKEST Episode in First Major Interview!!!

Found out if he has a top pick of the 59 scenes he wrote, John Swartzwelder answered, “I don’t have one I like over all the others, however, I do have a few top choices I generally appreciate watching. ‘Bothersome and Scratchy and Marge,’ ‘Bart the Murderer,’ ‘Canine of Death,’ ‘Homer at the Bat,’ ‘Homie the Clown,’ ‘Bart Gets an Elephant,’ ‘Homer’s Enemy,’ and ‘Homer versus the Eighteenth Amendment.’ ”

Sacks investigated “Homer’s Enemy” with Swartzwelder; quite possibly the most polarizing and unquestionably haziest scenes of the normally carefree animation. He said, “Grimey was requesting it the entire scene. He didn’t support our Homer. He was requesting it, and he got it. Presently, what was this you were saying about the heart?”

Swartzwelder additionally clarified why his contents had fewer changes done to them than different journalists at that point, with the vast majority of his making it to air at any rate 50% unblemished from the primary draft.

'The Simpsons' Legendary Writer talks of animation's DARKEST Episode in First Major Interview!!!

“On the off chance that those numbers are right, important for the justification my higher rate may be on the grounds that I generally responded with extraordinary disappointment, rage, and even awfulness each time one of my jokes was cut. Different scholars were more adult about it when their jokes were cut. Furthermore, see what it got them. Presently everybody is giggling at their rates,” John said.

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