“Takt op- Destiny” Comes Up With A Brand New Trailer under Madhouse and MAPPA Collaboration

“Takt op- Destiny” Releases A New Trailer Ahead Of Its Release

Takt op-Destiny is a anime produced under two production houses. Madhouse and MAPPA have collaborated to create this action-filled anime. And the trailer for the anime was released and it is filled with drama, mystery and action. So it is a perfect combo for a anime fan.

The poster for the upcoming Anime Takt op-Destiny
Instagram/ Takt op- Destiny

The trailer has surpassed more than a million views on first day. Making it the most-awaited and loved anime. For this fall, it will be released and fans are quite happy about it.

The show also have the best intro music by supercell feat. Mafumafu and gaku!

Takt op-Destiny- Trailer Detail Explanation

The is a power packed anime created by Oji Hiori and DeNa. It holds to give an a story in a fallen world. However, the anime is directed by Yuki Ito and character designs are given to Reiko Nagasawa.

The trailer seems to provide a story of a young man Asahina Takt, he loves music. But he faces lot of trouble to save his music. And in the anime music holds a stronger-hand. However, he fights against all-odds to save music.

While fighting for music, he also fights against monsters that have occupied the Earth. And that’s what Takt op-Destiny.

Synopsis For The Anime

The anime is set in America in the year 2047. The trailer shows that the world is fallen by war. And people are constantly moving around. But the story takes turns when mysterious monsters starts to come up through a Meteorite. So now they start to grow in large numbers. They are called as D2.

These D2 must be fought back or else the world will be destroyed by them. And in-order to fight them Magical Girls ‘Musicarts’ comes up. They are led by ‘Conductors’ .

Also their main objective is to bring back music to the fallen world. So as to destroy the monsters. As they fear only to music. Takt is the ‘Conductor’ and Unmei is the ‘Musicart’, both team up to destroy the monsters. And their main aim is to travel to New York soon after their war against the monsters.

The anime has all this amazing facts which will amaze the anime fans. But the show is set to release on October 5.

The lead roles for the anime Takt op- Destiny
Instagram/ Takt op-Destiny

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