Lightyear: The Official Trailer for Chris Evans Movie Dropped

Lightyear Trailer Dropped With a Blast Voice of Chris Evans

Fans couldn’t hold their excitement as Pixer and Disney’s Lightyear trailer released and we finally got its release date.

Directed by Angus MacLane, the film is a spin-off of the animated film Toy Story. Then voiced by Tim Allen, its latest film saw the main character Buzz Lightyear voiced by ‘Capitan America’, Chris Evans.


MacLaine was just as excited for the upcoming film as fans. When Toy Story was released he wanted to know Buzz’s backstory and now when is it finally here.

Let’s find out more about the upcoming sci-fi film and its release date.

The Trailer

The animation studio Pixar’s intergalactic adventure is set to entertain the audience. In the released trailer we can see Buzz getting ready for an extreme adventure awaiting him with the tint of comedy. As always you can find in his character.

In the trailer, we get introduced to several actors who are voicing the character in Lightyear. Along with the main characters, there is also a robotic cat which would definitely go to add a different angle to the story.

This latest release film takes us to the backstory of Buzz and what he does before landing into a Toy Story’s world.

Chris Evans
Credit: Instagram | Chris Evans


The action-animated film got a thrilling team and to match the character’s personality remarkable voice actors chosen. It includes Chris Evans who voiced the main character of Buzz. Along with him, Keke Palmer, Taika Waititi, Peter Sohn who is voicing a robotic cat, and Dale Soules.

Director Angus MacLane in a statement said it’s a dream team. All the artists immediately and beautifully took each character’s personality which made the recording fun.

Release Date 

The animated sci-fi film drop on 17th June 2022. Fans can catch the film in the nearby theaters. Till now, no news about the film releasing on streaming platforms announced.

You can watch the trailer here.