Frozen 3: Disney to make another Sequel? Here’s what we know

There is currently no official Frozen 3 release date, but the cast and crew are working toward one

A release date for Frozen 3 has yet to be announced, but chances are that Frozen 3 will feature the same cast that did in the movie. While Kristen Bell has created a buzz among fans by making this announcement, Disney has sadly yet to release any official information regarding the third movie, as well as an official release date. While no official announcement has been made about Frozen 3, many fans are sure that Disney is going to finish off the Frozen trilogy.

While we await an official Disney announcement, it may comfort to know that Frozen 3 will feature a time skip. Considering how six years have passed between the release of the Disney movie Frozen and the final movie, it may be some time before we hear about an updated timeline. As mentioned, there were six years between the first movie and Frozen 2, so fans might be waiting until 2025 to see Anna and Elsa back.

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Given how successful the previous movie was, it is highly likely that Disney will want to return to the Frozen franchise at some point in the future.

In the 2nd part of the movie, we see that Anna and Else head outside of Arendelle towards an enchanted forest to discover the voice which is mysterious been calling Elsa while stopping the enchanted spirits in order to save Arendelle from destruction.

But reveals the plot where in the past, there had been a battle between the people of Northuldra (who live in the forest) and soldiers of Arendelle, resulting in blocking off the forest from the rest of the world.

Fast-forwarding, they discover that on their way to Ahtohallan are their parents to discover the source of Elsa’s power which they found out during they were shipwrecked. Full twist mode on, where Anna and Elsa’s mother turns out to be a Northuldran, which they discover when they find their ship in the enchanted forest.

Frozen 3 may seem like a sure thing following the undisputed success of the second part (it was the highest-grossing animated film of all time following its November 2019 release), but a third sequel has not been moved forward by Disney. Despite being the highest-grossing animation, Disney has not moved forward with a third entry.