The Rings of Power Image Drops Shocking New Look At LOTR Show’s Hobbit Characters

Introducing the Harfoots!

A new image for Amazon Prime Video’s The Rings of Power has come out and the Hobbits in the show were in it. Except, they won’t be known by the same name. Based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s massively successful novels, the new show will take fans back to Middle-earth. It takes place thousands of years before Peter Jackson’s trilogy, and we will get to see a whole host of new characters. Read more to find out about the update.

The Rings of Power: The Hobbits

Rings of Power
Amazon Prime

This is a new breed of Hobbits and they are known as the Harfoots. They are making their debut with The Rings of Power. In a new image shown on Empire Magazine, we can see some of the Harfoot Hobbit characters that will appear in The Rings of Power season 1. Included in this is Henry Sadoc, who will star as Burrows.

Tolkien had introduced three Hobbit breeds in his novels, and the Harfoots are one of them. While the image keeps everything in wraps, we can expect them to share similarities with Hobbits like Bilbo, Frodo, and Sam. But it is clear that the Harfoots also lead a simple and problem-free life like in Jackson’s trilogy. At least until some problem finds them. As we know, Hobbits do not engage in industrial practices or warfare like normal dwarves, and keep to themselves.

Planning Ahead

The Rings of Power
Amazon Prime

We are still far from the September 2 release date of season 1. However, showrunners JD Payne and Patrick McKay have already figured out the final scene of The Rings of Power, which will be shown in season 5. Yes, that’s how long the series will be. They announced that Amazon had brought rights for a 50-hour show, and that there will be things happening in season 1 that won’t pay off until season 5. So prepare yourself, and be sure you’re caught up with all the movies.

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