Mick Jagger’s Surprising Revelation About The Rolling Stones Logo in Kolkata Tour

Mick Jagger reveals inspiration for The Rolling Stones logo in his Kolkata tour

Mick Jagger reveals inspiration for The Rolling Stones logo in his Kolkata tour

When it comes to iconic rock band logos, The Rolling Stones’ red lips and tongue sticking out is instantly recognizable worldwide. But have you ever wondered what inspired this iconic logo? In a recent interview, Mick Jagger, the legendary frontman of The Rolling Stones, revealed the surprising inspiration behind the band’s logo during his visit to Kolkata.

A Surprising Discovery: The Image of Kali

During his interview, Jagger shared that his brother had traveled to India early on, and he would often receive books about the country. It was in 1969 when he stumbled upon an image that caught his eye – a disembodied tongue of the Hindu Goddess Kali. Instantly captivated, Jagger saw the potential for inspiration and decided to incorporate this image into The Rolling Stones’ logo.

The Creation of the Iconic Logo

With the image of Kali’s tongue as his muse, Jagger collaborated with designer John Pasche to bring his vision to life. Pasche created a modernistic version of the tongue logo, which would go on to become one of the most recognizable symbols in rock history. The combination of Kali’s symbol and the band’s energy and attitude perfectly captured The Rolling Stones’ rebellious spirit.

A Coincidental Encounter: Rediscovering Kali in Kolkata

Interestingly, Jagger’s recent visit to Kolkata brought him face to face with the very inspiration that shaped the band’s logo. Although it was a complete coincidence, Jagger expressed his excitement during the interview, recalling his experience of seeing the idol of Goddess Kali for the first time. The vibrant Diwali celebrations and the mixture of modernistic and traditional lights only added to the awe-inspiring atmosphere.

Ageless Appeal: Mick Jagger’s Secret to Countering Aging

As Mick Jagger approaches the ripe age of 80, fans and critics alike are amazed by his enduring energy and iconic stage presence. When asked about his secret to countering aging, Jagger shared his perspective.

Defying Expectations: Staying True to his Rock ‘n’ Roll Roots

Many artists tend to change their performance style as they grow older, opting for more introspective and romantic ballads. However, Jagger has always stayed true to his rock ‘n’ roll roots. He expresses his love for high-energy performances and avoids conforming to societal expectations of age-appropriate music. Jagger’s refusal to compromise on his artistry has undoubtedly contributed to his ageless appeal.

A Sonic Time Machine: The Evolution of The Rolling Stones’ Sound

Jagger emphasizes that the key to appealing to both loyal rock ‘n’ roll fans and younger audiences is by keeping their sound fresh and relevant. By working with producer Andrew Watt and using innovative mixing techniques, The Rolling Stones create a sonic landscape that sounds contemporary and timeless. Jagger assures fans that, although their sound may have evolved, the spirit of the band remains the same.

Collaborating with Lady Gaga: The Sound of Heaven

A noteworthy collaboration in The Rolling Stones’ latest album, ‘Hackney Diamonds,’ is the track ‘Sound of Heaven,’ featuring the talented pop star Lady Gaga. Jagger reflects on his experience working with Gaga.

Unexpected Magic: A Spontaneous Collaboration

Jagger shares that the collaboration with Lady Gaga happened organically during their time in the same Los Angeles studio. The impromptu nature of their encounter resulted in a magical recording session. Both artists brought their unique talents to the table, and the end result is a remarkable song that showcases Gaga’s impressive vocal range.

An Amazing Job: Lady Gaga’s High Notes

Jagger commends Lady Gaga for her incredible performance on ‘Sound of Heaven.’ The song features challenging high notes, and Gaga effortlessly delivers with her powerful vocals. Working with her was a pleasure for Jagger, and he admires her versatility as an artist.

The Rolling Stones Logo and Sports Collaborations

The iconic Rolling Stones logo has gained recognition not only in the music world but also in the realm of sports. The logo has made appearances on FC Barcelona jerseys during an El Clasico match. Fans curious about further collaborations may be wondering about plans with the BCCI or any IPL teams.

No Current Collaborations with BCCI or IPL Teams

Jagger clarifies that The Rolling Stones currently have no plans for collaborations with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) or any Indian Premier League (IPL) teams. While the logo’s presence in the sports world has been celebrated, there are no immediate partnerships on the horizon.

A Meeting of Icons: Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese

Mick Jagger recently shared a photograph on social media, posing with acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese, who is known for his admiration of Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray. This meeting naturally leads to the question of whether Jagger has watched any films by Ray.

An Appreciation for Satyajit Ray’s Films

In response to the question, Jagger expresses his interest in Satyajit Ray’s cinema but remains evasive about specific films he has watched. However, his association with Scorsese, who has deep respect for Ray’s work, hints at Jagger’s appreciation for the renowned filmmaker’s contributions to Indian cinema.

Kolkata Through Jagger’s Eyes: Changes over Time

As Jagger returns to Kolkata after a decade, he reflects on how the city has evolved in his eyes since his last visit.

A City Full of Vibrancy and Memories

During the interview, Jagger describes Kolkata as a city full of vibrancy and memories. The celebratory atmosphere during Diwali and Kali Puja leaves a lasting impression on him. While specific changes are not mentioned, it is evident that Kolkata’s unique charm and cultural richness continue to captivate Jagger.


Mick Jagger’s visit to Kolkata not only reignited his connection with the inspiration behind The Rolling Stones’ logo but also provided a glimpse into his timeless appeal as a rockstar. From his refusal to conform to typical aging expectations to his collaborations with Lady Gaga, Jagger’s passion for music and creative exploration remains as strong as ever. Kolkata, with its vibrancy and cultural significance, holds a special place in Jagger’s heart, reinforcing the city’s enduring allure. As fans eagerly await The Rolling Stones’ latest album, ‘Hackney Diamonds,’ they can feel the buzz of excitement knowing that Jagger’s passion for music is as relentless as ever.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What inspired Mick Jagger to create The Rolling Stones logo?

Mick Jagger drew inspiration from an image of Goddess Kali’s disembodied tongue, which he came across in a book during his early connections with India.

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