Jensen Ackles Teased to Return as Soldier Boy Shape In The Boys Season 4 By Official Account

Will Jensen Ackles gets one more chance against Homelander?

The reports of Jensen Ackles returning as Soldier Boy in Season 4 of The Boys seems more likely with the show’s Twitter and Instagram accounts posting a picture of the actor working out for his superhero role. The dark comedy series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson is one of the best shows to exist, having begun on Prime Video back in 2019. It introduced the world to a corrupt group of superpowered individuals who maintain celebrity images for the public, but do criminal activities in the dark. The eponymous group of vigilantes teams up to take this group down.

Soldier Boy’s Return in The Boys

Jensen Ackles

The Boys is currently teasing that Soldier Boy can make a comeback, after sharing a behind-the-scenes photo on Twitter and Instagram. It was of Jensen Ackles preparing for season 3, with a caption saying, “More like Shoulder Boy, innit.” Jensen Ackles had also teased his return in August by commenting on one of Karl Urban’s Instagram posts celebrating season 4.

In season 3, Soldier Boy got to have his revenge on his former team Payback, who plotted to have him captured and locked in a warehouse in Russia for decades and left him with severe PTSD. However, fans wanted more of his interactions with Homelander, who was revealed to be his son. Soldier Boy was the first Homelander, and his DNA was used to create his replacement, who is the current leader of the Seven.

Release Date

Soldier Boy in The Boys

Billy and the Boys are still unsuccessful in taking down Homelander, who is getting more unhinged, and has his son Ryan with him now. Therefore, it will be good to see Soldier Boy, though incredibly flawed, being used again as their best bet at defeating him. In the meantime, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been roped in as a series regular.

The Boys season four is expected to come out in late 2023 or early 2024.