Draya Michele Shocks in Jaw-Dropping Green Dress at Winnie Harlow’s Birthday Bash – Must See!

Draya Michele Turns Heads in a Revealing Green Dress as She Attends Winnie Harlow’s Birthday

Draya Michele Turns Heads in a Revealing Green Dress as She Attends Winnie Harlow’s Birthday

Draya Michele made a stunning appearance at Winnie Harlow’s star-studded birthday bash, turning heads in a revealing lime green dress. The actress, known for her bold fashion choices, dared to bare in this eye-catching ensemble as she posed for the paparazzi outside Delilah’s in West Hollywood.

A Daring Fashion Statement

The racy garment Draya wore for the event featured a daring cutaway detail and a thong pencil skirt, emphasizing her every curve. The vibrant lime green color grabbed everyone’s attention, making her stand out in the crowd. Paired with towering heels, gold bangles, and a bright pink clutch bag, her outfit exuded confidence and glamour.

A Star-Studded Celebration

The birthday bash was a joint dinner party held at Delilah in West Hollywood, celebrating the birthdays of Winnie Harlow and her boyfriend, Kyle Kuzma. The guest list included a number of familiar faces from the celebrity sphere, such as former TOWIE star Chloe Sims and Vas J Morgan.

Diving into Draya’s Background

Draya Michele first gained public attention in 2011 when she dated singer Chris Brown, who was also present at the event. She rose to fame as one of the stars on the reality show Basketball Wives LA and later made her scripted acting debut in TV One’s Will To Love. Draya currently focuses on her successful swimwear line, Mint Swim, which caters to women of all shapes and sizes.

A Stylish Collaboration

Last year, Draya had the opportunity to model for the popular UK-based fast fashion retailer, PrettyLittleThing. Not only did she showcase their collection, but she also co-designed it. This collaboration allowed her to bring her unique style and fashion sense to a wider audience.

A Balancing Act: Motherhood and Success

Draya is a proud mother of two sons, Jru Scandrick and Kniko Howard. She shares Jru with her ex, Orlando Scandrick. Despite the challenges of balancing motherhood and her thriving career, Draya embraces this role and continues to empower women with her journey.

Chloe Sims’ Stunning Appearance

Another head-turner at the birthday party was former TOWIE star Chloe Sims. She looked absolutely stunning in a white bodycon dress that accentuated her figure. Pairing it with white heeled boots and a matching Gucci handbag, Chloe exuded elegance and confidence.

A Glamorous Entrance

Walking hand in hand with her friend Vas J Morgan, Chloe made a grand entrance at Delilah’s for the joint birthday celebration. Vas, sporting bejeweled denim jeans, perfectly complemented Chloe’s chic outfit. Their arrival set the tone for a glamorous night of celebration.

A Promising Future for Chloe

Chloe Sims and her sisters, Frankie Sims and Demi Sims, signed a million-pound deal to become the new faces of OnlyFans’ growing TV venture. Their new show, House Of Sims, is set to be released in 2023 and promises to provide viewers with an unfiltered glimpse into their lives as a family.

Becoming The Sims

Chloe, proud of her family’s comparison to the Kardashians, aims to make House Of Sims one of the best reality TV shows out there. With the support of OFTV, Chloe and her sisters are excited to embark on this new journey and see where it takes them.

A Natural and Unfiltered Approach

Chloe strongly believes in presenting herself and her family in a natural light, showing all aspects of their lives. This authenticity and transparency will be the driving force behind House Of Sims, providing fans with a genuine and engaging viewing experience.

Star-Studded Premiere at Cannes

Heidi Klum, Kate Beckinsale, Helena Christensen, and Winnie Harlow were among the stars attending the premiere of La Passion De Dodin Bouffant at the Cannes Film Festival. The French film, set in 1885, tells a romantic story of a cook and a gourmet chef she works for.

Heidi Klum’s Bold Choice

Heidi Klum walked the red carpet in an attention-grabbing yellow gown. The daring dress featured a cutout detail along the chest, a thigh-high leg split, and a flowing cape. Despite a small wardrobe malfunction, Heidi confidently showcased her fashion statement.

Kate Beckinsale’s Fashionable Entrance

Kate Beckinsale opted for a stunning green bejeweled bodysuit that highlighted her figure. The outfit included a high collar, numerous cutouts, and ruby embellishments. Paired with a flowing green skirt and accessorized with emerald earrings, Kate’s ensemble caught everyone’s eye.

Helena Christensen’s Radiant Look

Helena Christensen chose a navy dress with long sleeves and shimmering embellishments for the premiere. Her elegant appearance was further enhanced by an eye-catching silver necklace and a loose bob hairstyle. She exuded grace and beauty on the red carpet.

Winnie Harlow’s Alluring Black Dress

Winnie Harlow arrived in a figure-hugging black dress with a flowing dark green train. The elegant ensemble embraced her neck, adding sophistication to her overall look. With a sleek updo and black heels, Winnie made a statement on the red carpet.


Draya Michele and Chloe Sims undoubtedly stole the spotlight at two high-profile events. Their fashion choices and presence were impossible to ignore. These influential women continue to inspire others with their boldness, talent, and dedication to their craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Draya Michele?

Draya Michele is an actress, reality TV star, and entrepreneur known for her appearances on the reality show “Basketball Wives LA” and her successful swimwear line, Mint Swim.

2. How did Draya Michele rise to fame?

Draya Michele gained public attention in 2011 when she dated singer Chris Brown and later appeared on “Basketball Wives LA.” Her unique style and confident personality propelled her into the spotlight.

3. What is Chloe Sims known for?

Chloe Sims is a former star of the reality show “The Only Way Is Essex” and is recognized for her glamorous fashion choices and entrepreneurial ventures.

4. What is House Of Sims?

House Of Sims is a new TV venture featuring Chloe Sims and her sisters Frankie Sims